SIGAINT - Secure Darknet Email
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Welcome to SIGAINT

What is SIGAINT? SIGAINT is a darknet email service that allows you to send and receive email without revealing your location or identity. We provide this service to help journalists and activists combat the dragnet surveillance that exists on the Internet today. Even if you aren't in conflict with the state or anyone in particular you as a human being deserve privacy.

Why should you trust us? You don't have to trust us, in fact we recommend you don't! When you send email using our webportal we recommend you encrypt your messages using PGP.

Are there any rules to using this thing? Generally we are pretty chill, all we ask is that you don't use our FREE service to:

  • Spam people
  • Threaten people
  • Harm people

Everything else is cool with us.


**** Over 350,000 served and more booby traps! ****

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